At 21:15 on March 1st, the fourth episode of the large-scale documentary “Great Powers”, the fourth episode of “Hematopoietic Pulse” was broadcast on the CCTV Financial Channel. As a typical representative of China’s air separation equipment, Hangyang Group is the only representative of Hangzhou.

Heavy: industrial gas heart – 100,000 cubic meters of large air separation equipment
Height: 56 meters
Weight: 1320 tons
The most cattle strength: self-developed and innovative domestic air separation equipment can produce 100,000 cubic meters of oxygen per hour. In terms of scale and performance indicators, they have reached or exceeded the world’s advanced level.
Heavy equipment status: Filling the gap in China’s “100,000” class air separation equipment field, it is a major breakthrough in the localization of China’s major equipment, which is of great significance to China’s energy structure strategy and will greatly promote China’s coal chemical industry. The rapid development of petroleum, chemical and other industries.
Hangyang is a leading enterprise in China’s air separation industry and has always shouldered the heavy responsibility of localization of large-scale air separation equipment. With a unique perspective and shocking lens, the documentary shows the charm of Hanging Oxygen’s 4 million tons/year coal indirect liquefaction project in Shenhuaning Coal, a world-class century project and a national-level innovation platform. Hangyang people adhere to the scientific and technological innovation to lead the development, with the mission of “leading China’s air-fraction industry development and providing world-class air separation equipment and industrial gases”, to overcome the difficulties and slogans; to witness the high-level air in China The sub-equipment is the world’s most advanced process.
The filming team of “Great Powers” went to Hangyang twice, once to the Shenhua Ningmei Group for framing, interviewing and filming. From the development of Hangyang, technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, it reflected the oxygen as ” The exploration and efforts made by China Manufacturing and Zhejiang Manufacturing.
It is reported that “The Great Country” (second season) is led by the “Glorious China” main creative team, and through the panoramic “heavy instrument tour”, records the Chinese-made story of the modern economic system. It lasted for one and a half years, with a journey of 300,000 kilometers, shooting more than 60 core weights and focusing on eight major areas.