On April 19th, the “New Instrument Image, Atmosphere” 2018 Hang Oxygen Brand Strategy Launch Conference was grandly opened. The meeting traced the development history of Hangyang and the culture of centuries of ingenuity, introduced the latest technological innovation and development of Hangyang, showed the new image of Hangyang brand, and shared the magnificent chapter of Hangyang casting on China heavy equipment.
    Yan Yongbin, chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation, Huang Wei, president of China General Machinery Industry Association, Yao Min, deputy general manager of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd., and leading experts from China’s air separation industry, important customers of Hangyang’s various industrial sectors and More than 200 people from the guests, experts from relevant universities and relevant media representatives attended the meeting. Jiang Ming, chairman of Hangyang Co., Ltd., gave a welcome speech. Mao Shaorong, general manager of Hangyang Co., Ltd. introduced the overall development of the company. Qiu Qiurong, deputy general manager of Hangyang Co., Ltd., presided over the conference.
    In the welcoming speech, Jiang Ming pointed out that Hangyang has continued to carry out technological innovation, product upgrading, market expansion, and gas industry development under the guidance of the strategic policy of “focusing on two ends, expanding horizontal and making fine products”, and realized the transformation and upgrading of the company. development of. Today, we will report and demonstrate the work and achievements of Hangyang in these aspects from different angles and levels. Standing at a new starting point, we will persist in the development strategy and remain unwavering, insist on further development of the main business of air separation; adhere to the Hangyang culture with unity, innovation and progress as the core values; unswervingly persist in innovation and development; Users provide high-efficiency, low-energy air separation equipment, provide stable operation of industrial gases, and provide a full range of life-cycle services. The further development of Hangyang needs everyone’s continued support, and we need everyone to continue to trust, understand, encourage and spur. Hangyang will be better products, better service, give back to the society, and return users. We will work together with you to develop together, achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly create a brilliant future.
During the meeting, Huang Wei, president of China General Machinery Industry Association, released the industrial operation and appraisal results of Shenhua Ning coal’s 100,000-class air separation plant. She said that Hangyang, as the vanguard of China’s air separation industry, has made important efforts to promote the design, manufacture and independent innovation of large-scale air separation equipment in China, and has achieved fruitful results. In 2013, Hangyang received orders for Shenhua Ningmei’s six sets of 100,000 air separation. After more than four years of research and development, the largest and highest level air separation equipment at that time and now has been successfully driven and put into normal operation last year. At the end of August last year, the expert team witnessed the entire operation process and gave high praise. CCTV’s “Great Powers” records the important process of R&D. The achievements of Hangyang in recent years are exciting. After a year of operation, yesterday, the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China General Machinery Industry Association jointly organized the appraisal meeting for the application of the Shenhua Ning coal 100,000-level air separation plant jointly developed by Hangyang and Shenhua Ning Coal. After listening to the technical summary report, third-party test report, new report and user use report of the project completion unit, the technical documents were consulted. After questioning and discussion, it was agreed that the project passed various design methods, manufacturing processes, technical equipment and so on. The independent innovation has achieved breakthroughs in the design, manufacture, commissioning and operation technology of 100,000-level air separation equipment, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level. The promotion and application of the results have achieved significant economic and social benefits, which can meet the needs of large-scale coal chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other fields.
    Mao Shaorong made an introduction to the overall development of the company. He made a series of struggles yesterday, brilliant achievements today, and dreams of the next three chapters. He comprehensively introduced the process of growth and development of Hangyang, as well as the innovation and upgrading of air separation equipment, the rapid advancement of gas industry, the continuous enrichment of petrochemical products, and breakthroughs in engineering contracting. Brilliant achievements in supporting the upgrading of the machine, management innovation and advancing with the times. It depicts that Hangyang continues to lead the development of China’s air separation equipment, using international vision, concentrating on core technology, gradually moving towards smart manufacturing, increasing research and development of high value-added specialty gases, and realizing new prospects for new breakthroughs in gas investment.
    Jiang Yongning, director of Shenhua Ning Coal and Air Branch, introduced the operation experience. He said that Shenhua Ningmei’s six sets of 100,000-class air separation equipment have been tested for a whole year, showing safe and stable operation, advanced technology and excellent energy consumption. A series of advantages such as strong environmental adaptability, excellent selection of machine tools, and simple operation and maintenance. There are five aspects: one is the safe and stable operation under the design conditions, and the energy consumption is excellent, which lays a solid foundation for the user’s “safe, stable, long, full and excellent” operation; the second is that the maximum working condition is safe and stable. The output indicators are better than the contract guarantee value; the third is the strong adaptability of the ambient temperature. The performance test is carried out by the air separation equipment in the hot summer and the performance test in the cold winter, which can meet the design working condition and the maximum working condition; Fourth, the special environment adaptability of coal chemical industry is strong. The air separation equipment adopts unique air purification technology, which fundamentally solves the problem of high concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in coal chemical projects. The fifth is the rational selection of machine parts and the adaptability of variable working conditions. Strong, the equipment is running smoothly.
In recent years, in the process of economic globalization, Hangyang has focused on transforming the mode of economic development and realizing the development of science, and has gone hand in hand in air separation equipment, industrial gas, petrochemical equipment, and engineering general contracting, to achieve simple equipment manufacturing. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises into equipment manufacturing and industrial service enterprises. At the meeting, Hangyang related personnel introduced the topics of core technology, manufacturing capability, key supporting machine, petrochemical equipment and gas industry of extra large air separation equipment.
    After years of technical research, especially the rapid development of nearly ten years, domestic air-freight enterprises represented by Hangyang have made a number of major technological breakthroughs in the development of extra-large air separation equipment, and the complete set of achievements is remarkable. Focusing on the difficulty of transportation of extra large air separation, high safety requirements of cold box and high energy consumption requirements, we are committed to the research and development of key core machines such as high-efficiency new air separation distillation tower and high-efficiency high-pressure plate-fin heat exchanger. Research on complete sets of technologies, including energy-saving process technology, state-of-the-art control technology, and development of high-reliability cold box safety technology, have made breakthroughs.
    In 2009, Hangyang completed the relocation from the main city of Hangzhou to Lin’an Qingshan Lake Science and Technology City, with an investment of 2.1 billion, covering an area of 922 acres, becoming the world’s largest air separation equipment manufacturing and base. In the face of the market’s large-scale trend, in order to solve the transportation problem, Hangyang built a 1,200-ton canal terminal factory in 2014. For large-scale projects exceeding the limit, Hangyang extended management to the site and established management practices for “borderless factories”. The “excellent project” is the concrete action of Hangyang’s implementation of the “fine quality” strategy, and it is also the actual embodiment of the “ingenuity” of Hangyang. From the three standards of advanced standards, excellent management and brand certification to achieve the “quality” requirements. Formulate factory manufacturing standards higher than national standards, establish a high performance management model, implement total quality management, improve the quality and efficiency of factory operations, and obtain the provincial people’s government quality award.
    The localization of key air separation equipment for large-scale air separation equipment is the key to making the air separation equipment industry bigger and stronger. In the past, some key parts and units have been monopolized by foreign countries. After years of research and development, Hangyang realized the localization and high-quality of high-pressure plate heat exchangers, key valves for large-scale air separation plants, and medium and high pressure expanders. In particular, high-pressure aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers have broken through the bottlenecks. Hanging oxygen has overcome technical problems such as design, manufacturing process and quality, and finally increased the design pressure of heat exchangers to 12.8Mpa, reaching the international advanced level.
    In the field of petrochemical equipment, the focus is on the development of ethylene cold box and liquid nitrogen washing equipment. Since 2000, most of the large domestic ethylene cold boxes have been designed and manufactured by Hangyang. At present, the largest ethylene produced by Hangyang The cold box is the 1.4 million tons/year ethylene cold box of the Zhejiang Petrochemical Project, and the largest liquid nitrogen washing equipment has reached the scale of 600,000 tons/year. It has also successfully developed a number of new fields such as CO/H2 separation, H2S purification, natural gas liquefaction, alkane dehydrogenation, and coal to olefins, filling a number of domestic gaps and greatly improving the supporting capacity.
    Hangyang has invested in 27 gas companies in 14 provinces and autonomous regions across the country, with 48 sets of equipment and a total oxygen production of 1.17 million m3/h. The gas products produced are deoxygenated, nitrogen, argon and carbon dioxide. In addition to gas, it has also successfully produced rare gases such as helium, neon, krypton, and xenon, and provided gas products and services to customers through on-site gas production, regional pipe network gas supply, liquid sales, and bottled gas sales. Selling cows to the strategic transformation of “bringing cows to sell milk”. In 2017, gas sales revenue has exceeded 50% of the company’s total revenue, and profits accounted for 70% of the company’s total profit.
After the meeting, the delegates and guests also visited Hangyang’s production workshop in Lin’an, and felt the charm of the world’s largest air separation equipment manufacturing base.