On April 18th, China Machinery Industry Federation and China General Machinery Industry Association jointly organized the appraisal meeting for the application of Shenhua Ning coal 100,000 class air separation plant jointly developed by Hangyang and Shenhua Ning Coal. The expert group unanimously believed that The overall technology has reached the international leading level.
The appraisal experts listened to the technical summary report, third-party test report, new report and user use report of the project completion unit, consulted the relevant technical documents, and after consultation and discussion, agreed that the project passed the design method, manufacturing process, technical equipment, etc. The independent innovation in the aspect has achieved breakthroughs in the design, manufacture, commissioning and operation technology of 100,000-level air separation equipment, and the overall technology has reached the international leading level. The promotion and application of the results have achieved significant economic and social benefits, and can meet the needs of large-scale coal chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical and other fields.
Yan Yongbin, chief engineer of China Machinery Industry Federation, expressed his excitement and affirmation for Hangyang’s outstanding achievements in the competition with the international air-divided giants. He pointed out that the equipment manufacturing industry is the backbone of the national industry. Hangyang should take the revitalization of the national industry as its own responsibility, and take the Shenhua Ning coal 100,000-level air separation project as a new starting point, continue to benchmark with international advanced companies, and increase the cryogenic technology. The exploration of the field will further promote the localization of major technical equipment fields and realize the industrialization of extra large air separation equipment.
“The domestic 100,000-level air separation equipment has achieved a leap from ‘100-meter run’ to ‘Marathon’.” Participating in the evaluation expert Zhao Jinli, senior consultant and professor-level senior engineer of Inner Mongolia Yitai Coal Co., Ltd., said that the review last year was The evaluation of equipment technology, this year is a year of equipment operation, comprehensive evaluation of industrial applications, excellent evaluation results also prove that domestic 100,000-class air separation equipment has reached the world’s leading level in industrial application. “The domestic 100,000-class air separation equipment can withstand the time test, and China can not only create good-looking equipment, but also create useful equipment.” Zhao Jinli said.
Han Yisong, the head of the equipment assembly and dean of the Hangyang Air Separation Design and Research Institute, said: “The excellent performance of one year of operation has improved the confidence of Chinese people in making large-scale equipment made in China. Our innovation, meticulousness and dedication are our air points. The products have won international competitiveness and won the reputation of users. From international advanced to international leading, today’s judging results add a bit of brilliance to the “golden signboard” of 100,000-level air separation equipment.