Recently, the “Key Technology Development and Industrialization of Extra Large Air Separation Equipment” jointly developed by Hangyang Co., Ltd. and Shenhua Ningmei and Zhejiang University won the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Special Award.
The extra-large air separation equipment is the key equipment for the front-end of these industrial gases for large-scale coal chemical, large fertilizer, and large metallurgical projects. It represents the overall level of industrial gas and low-temperature equipment in a country and is known as the “big country heavy weapon”.
With the support of national key R&D projects, Hangyang and other units have overcome the bottleneck of the design and manufacturing technology of extra large air separation equipment after 10 years of scientific and technological research, and achieved low flow resistance of multi-machine, multi-phase and multi-parameter coupling. Key technologies for energy-saving processes, key technologies for efficient distillation and heat transfer under confined sizes, safety design techniques for large temperature differential heat exchange, deep low temperature, pure oxygen environment, multivariable, modular anti-disturbance control technology, etc. Technological innovation.
The overall technology of the large-scale air separation plant developed by Hangyang has reached the international leading level, which can meet the demand of large-scale air separation equipment for large-scale metallurgy, coal chemical industry and chemical fertilizer projects, especially the Shenhua Ning coal 6 sets which were successfully developed in 2017. The 10,000-level air separation equipment not only breaks the monopoly of foreign companies at this level, but also outperforms the world’s same level in the main performance indicators. At present, Hangyang has provided 31 sets of extra large air separation equipment of 70,000 and above for Shenhua Ning Coal, Shenhua Yulin, Xinjiang Tianye, Zhejiang Petrochemical, Anhui Wuyuan and many other companies, 9 of which have been successfully operated, domestic The market share is about 40%.
The review experts pointed out that the successful research and development of Hangyang’s “Key Technology Development and Industrialization of Extra Large Air Separation Equipment” has significantly promoted the scientific and technological progress of the air separation industry and contributed to the revitalization of China’s major equipment manufacturing industry and ensuring China’s energy security. .