The 6th National Self-improvement Model and Retirement Advanced Commendation Conference was held in Beijing on the 16th. The conference commended 167 “National Self-improvement Models”. The history book of the staff of our company’s trade union office, as a model for the six honors in Zhejiang Province, attended the sixth national self-improvement model and advanced commendation conference for assisting the disabled, and was accepted by the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, the president of the CPC, and the chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping in the Great Hall of the People. Waiting for the cordial reception of the central leadership.
The National Self-improvement Model and the Advanced Relief Recognition Conference is held once every five years. It is the highest award given by the state to the outstanding people and the collective. In the annals of good reputation, I did not have time to share the joy of the country’s “highest award”, but also invested in intense training, preparing for the 10th National Disability Games in Tianjin in August. Through WeChat, she said: “Without the training of the country, the support of the leaders, and the guidance of the coaches, there will be no me today. I will cherish my sports career, train harder, improve my performance, and strive to win more gold medals. The motherland, return the people who helped me.”
The annals born in 1985 suffers from congenital hearing loss. There is a lack of sound in her world. Only by looking at each other’s mouth shape, can we communicate with others according to the weak voice. In order to strengthen physical exercise, in the fourth grade of elementary school, the annals came into contact with table tennis, and she practiced while practicing the ball. Because of hearing impairment, she had to look at the coach’s mouth when she first started playing. In order to practice the ball, as long as the history of the school is carried out, the equipment is carried to the stadium for training, year after year, day after day. After years of training, the annals of history entered the provincial team and started the training of table tennis system. The training in the provincial team is boring. The training session starts at 8:30 am every day. The coach stipulates that there are 150 receiving and receiving actions every day in the annals. In order to make his skills more skillful and more standardized, the annals are self-pressurized while completing the coach’s assignment, and he is alone in the venue after the training. In addition to strengthening skill training, the annals of history must also strengthen the training of strength, endurance, etc., in the strength training room, the barbells are raised again and again, and the leapfrogs are repeated over and over again… After each training session, the sweat drenched the clothes and pantyhose, and the shoes made a “squeaky” sound on the floor. One day of intense training ended, the feet were swollen, and the hand skin was worn out. The history book felt that I was falling apart. I didn’t want to move when I was on the bed, but she still insisted on training.
Since 2003, the annals have participated in the 4th National Paralympic Games and the 4th hearing impaired Olympic Games, respectively, and won 6 gold and 11 gold respectively, especially at the 9th National Paralympic Games in 2015, winning the first for the Zhejiang delegation. The gold medal in table tennis has created the best history of the Zhejiang delegation in the national table tennis event. In the annals of history, he also won the honor of the top ten sports in Zhejiang Province in 2015. This year, the 34-year-old annals has set up a family, with children, but she still continues to choose the battle, to do a good job for the Chinese swearing table tennis. In the annals of history, although she can’t wait for her own small family at all times, if she can contribute to the country through her own efforts, everything she does is worthwhile. At the same time, the annals also use his spare time to learn English and international sign language, hoping that one day he will become the link between China and the world’s smashing table tennis.