In order to better publicize the development achievements of the machinery industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, the China Machinery Industry Federation organized the “40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening – Outstanding Products of Machinery Industry” tree selection activities. Recently, the 100000m3/h large-scale air separation unit recommended by Hangyang was selected. According to the work procedures and selection criteria, recommended by industry organizations, the selection of a total of 330 projects, involving 17 professional areas, more than 200 enterprises. The final 194 products were selected. The China Machinery Industry Federation pointed out that the selected products reflect the enterprising spirit of the enterprises that adhere to innovation-driven and focus on product quality improvement, and also represent the achievements and levels of independent innovation in the industry to a certain extent. At the same time, the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China Machinery Industry Brand Strategy Promotion Committee united forces to carry out 100 artisan activities in the tree-selecting machinery industry throughout the industry. The plate factory vacuum brazing worker Zhou Lirong and the pumping plant factory Jin Jianhang were honorably selected.