On April 30th, Zhejiang Province celebrated the “May 1st” International Labor Day and commended the Model Workers Advanced Conference held in the Provincial Great Hall of the People. At the meeting, Hangzhou Hangyang Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of “Zhejiang Model Collective” by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. This is one of the highest honors that Hangyang has received in recent years. It is reported that the “Zhejiang Model Group” has been selected once in five years. The selection was approved by the provincial party committee and the provincial government and organized by the provincial federation of trade unions. The aim was to further promote the spirit of the model workers, establish advanced models, and inspire the broad masses of employees in the province to strive to further deepen the “eight-eighth strategy”, reform and opening up, and then better. The local government took on the new expectations that General Secretary Xi Jinping gave to Zhejiang, and made meritorious deeds in promoting the “two high-level” construction. In recent years, the company has strengthened its confidence and calmly responded to it, comprehensively exerted its policies and made precise efforts, adhered to the work tone of “finding problems, strengthening management, and seeking development”, maintaining a healthy and stable development trend, and always staying at the forefront of domestic air separation development. Under the guidance of the “Zhejiang Government Quality Award”; under the guidance of the development strategy of “focusing on two ends, expanding horizontally and doing fine products”, the company spares no effort to complete the adjustment and transformation of the industrial structure, and the industrial chain with the complete set of air separation equipment as the core The extension has formed a complete industrial chain of “engineering general contracting, air separation equipment manufacturing, industrial gas operation”, basically realizing the transformation from production-oriented manufacturing enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing enterprises; the company has overcome difficulties, pioneered and innovated, and successfully completed. The development of a group of extra large air separation equipment, Shenhua Ning coal 100,000 air separation equipment, the overall technology of the big country heavy equipment has reached the international leading level, and has become a new milestone in the development of Hangyang and even China’s air separation industry. The “Zhejiang Model Group” was the full affirmation and encouragement of the province’s reform and development work, and it was the result of long-term concerted efforts and hard work of all employees of the company.