Company Profile

HangZhou Oxygen plant group. (hereinafter referred to as Hangyang) is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of air separation equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise with a national-level enterprise technology center. It is a major domestic equipment base for technical equipment. Since its establishment in 1950 and the design and manufacture of China’s first air separation plant in 1955, Hangyang has been leading the development of China’s air separation industry and providing world-class air separation equipment.

Hangyang has developed and supplied more than 4,000 sets of air separation equipment for metallurgy, chemical fertilizer, petrochemical, coal chemical, aerospace and other industries in China. The 100,000-level air separation equipment developed by the company has been developed by China Machinery Industry Federation and China. The mechanical association has jointly identified and its overall technology has reached the international leading level, breaking the long-term monopoly of international companies on large-scale air separation equipment. Hangyang has successively won the Zhejiang Provincial Government Quality Award, Zhejiang Manufacturing Certification and the “China Good Design” Silver Award. The company has the ability to design and produce more than 50 sets of large and medium-sized air separation equipment. The annual oxygen production capacity of air separation equipment reaches 1.8 million m3/h. The company designs and manufactures products in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. User’s universal recognition and praise.

Hangyang adheres to the development strategy of “Heavy two-headed, horizontally and fine”, and successfully realizes large-scale ethylene cold box, liquid nitrogen washing and cooling tank, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and propane dehydrogenation separation system (PDH) equipment in the petrochemical field. And localization of equipment such as methanol to olefin (MTO). At present, the company has formed a product and service system with the whole industry chain supported by air separation equipment and cryogenic technology.

In recent years, Hangyang has implemented the business strategy of “bringing cows to sell milk”, taking advantage of the company’s advantages in the design and manufacture of air separation equipment, vigorously entering the field of industrial gases, realizing the further extension of the industrial chain, and establishing 30 domestic investment. Professional gas company, the company has developed into one of the most important industrial gas suppliers in China.