Air Seperation Plant

Shenhua Ning Coal 100,000-level air separation equipment

Air Separation Equipment: The company has a full range of air separation equipment products, which are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemicals, coal chemical industry, fertilizers, non-ferrous metallurgy, aerospace and other fields. It has provided more than 4000 sets of complete air separation equipment for various industries. The domestic market share has been maintained at more than 50%, and the output and sales have consistently ranked first in the world. The 100,000-class air separation equipment developed by the company has been jointly identified by the China Machinery Industry Federation and the China General Machinery Industry Association. Its overall technology has reached International leading level.

Air separation equipment exported from Hangzhou to Germany

Anhui Haoyuan 70,000-level air separation equipment

Photos of 4 sets of 83,000 class air separation equipment cold boxes of Zhejiang Petrochemical

4 sets of 60,000-level air separation equipment in China Coal Yulin