Manufacturing subsidiaries

Manufacturing subsidiaries: In addition to the comprehensive air separation equipment series, Hangyang has continuously developed key compressors such as turbine compressors, various expanders, adsorbers, plate heat exchangers, coolers, structured packing, and valves. In addition to meeting the needs of upgrading its own air separation products, it is also used in different fields such as glass, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, petrochemical, electronics, aerospace, solar energy, food, chemical processing, and medical treatment.

High efficiency packing: HangYang high-throughput packing adopts edge-curved optimized patented structure. Compared with other manufacturers’ high-throughput packing, the edge-curved structure is more optimized and reasonable, which effectively solves the premature flooding of the interstitial fluid. The problem greatly increases the flux of the tower. At the same time, due to the unobstructed flow path, the pressure drop of the packing is greatly reduced, thereby reducing energy consumption and greatly saving the cost of air separation in the later stage.

China’s first fully automatic corrugated filler production line

High-efficiency Compressors: Hangyang compressors have more than 40 years of design and manufacturing history. There are a series of products for oxygen compressors, nitrogen compressors, air compressors and boosters for air distribution sleeves. With a performance of 40,000 air separation, the maximum discharge pressure of the cycle turbocharger can be 6.0MPa, while the oxygen turbine compressor can currently achieve a maximum flow rate of 100,000 Nm3 / h and a maximum pressure of 4.0MPa. In addition, for small-flow and high-pressure gas products, Hangyang has developed reciprocating compressors suitable for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, natural gas, and carbon dioxide. The maximum pressure can reach 20MPa. To European and American countries.

Turbo compressor

High-performance Multi-series Expansion Units: Hang oxygen expanders can be used to support small-scale air separation to 100,000 and 120,000 super large-scale air separation, and have been successfully applied to 60, 80, 80,000 and 120,000 large-scale air separation equipment. . All-liquid turbine expansion units, natural gas expansion generating units, chemical exhaust gas recovery expanders, hydrogen turbine expansion units, and special turbine expansion units manufactured by Hangzhou Oxygen have also been successfully applied, and their efficiency and reliability have reached the international first-class level.

High-efficiency expander

Plate-fin heat exchanger

High-efficiency Aluminum Plate-fin Heat Exchanger: Hangyang has continuously developed advanced high-efficiency fins and studied the brazing process technology. In October 2016, Hangyang successfully developed a high-pressure heat exchanger of 12.8MPa, which broke the foreign enterprise’s 10.0MPa The technology monopoly of the above high-pressure heat exchanger products. So far, Hangyang has manufactured plate heat exchangers in accordance with ASME and CE specifications and exported them to the United States, Germany, Italy, Spain and other countries and regions. It has completed the manufacture of tens of thousands of plate heat exchangers, and the cumulative product brazing tonnage is nearly 8 10,000 tons, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers.

Large-volume low-temperature liquid storage tank: Hangyang belongs to the world’s advanced level in terms of the number, scale, maturity, and adaptation of various technical specifications of low-temperature liquid storage tanks, and supplies all well-known air separation manufacturers worldwide. The operating performance of LNG storage tanks has reached 10,000m3, and the design capacity can reach up to 30,000m3. The operating performance of liquid oxygen and nitrogen atmospheric storage tanks has reached 10,000m3, and 14000m3 storage tanks are being designed and manufactured. The largest domestic 487m3 vacuum storage tank is exported to New Zealand.

East and West Natural Gas Stations

Three stem valve

Tooling pump valve: After years of development and performance accumulation, Hangyang has developed key supporting valves for large air separation (three-rod valve, high pressure liquid air throttle valve, high pressure liquid oxygen return valve, high pressure oxygen special alloy valve); supporting Air separation has reached 120,000 levels.

Low temperature liquid pump: The flow rate of the low temperature liquid oxygen pump has reached 60,000 Nm3 / h and the pressure reached 8.0 MPaG. According to the API standard, it has completed a 72-hour continuous life test of liquid nitrogen. The pump can fully meet the 100,000 in terms of flow and pressure. The above requirements for dual-use and one-liquid preparation of liquid oxygen pumps in the air separation process.

Cryogenic multistage centrifugal pump