Petrochemical Equipment

Shenhua Ning Coal’s first million-ton ethylene cold box

Shuangyashan Longmei Tiantai Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. 55,000 tons annual methanol to LNG plant

Xinjiang Guanghui Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration Device

Since its involvement in petrochemical equipment in the 1980s, Hangyang’s petrochemical products have been involved in the fields of ethylene, ammonia, alkane dehydrogenation, coal-to-glycol, natural gas liquefaction and syngas methane recovery, and coal-to-olefins. With the research and development of cold separation equipment, Hangyang has accumulated rich experience in cryogenic liquefaction and separation related process package design, related equipment design, and complete set supply, which has filled many domestic blanks.

Zhejiang Satellite Energy 450,000 tons dehydrogenation to propylene plant

Inner Mongolia Cornell H2CO cryogenic separation device