Quality System

Quality is the life of the company, and Hangyang will integrate the concept of quality into the company’s development strategy. According to its own characteristics and production process requirements, the “Hangzhou Modern 6S Management Mode” was introduced and innovated. Taking quality awareness as the core, strengthening process execution as the key, implementing quality engineering as the focus, and strengthening the quality management of all employees, all-round, and the whole process. With the introduction of the new SAP “Enterprise Resource Planning and Management System (ERP)”, Hangyang completed the improvement and improvement of the workflow, fully realized the synchronization and standardization of logistics, information flow, human flow and financial flow, and improved Hangyang. Core competitiveness. In 2012, he won the “Hangzhou Municipal Government Quality Award”, in 2013, he won the “Zhejiang Government Quality Award”, in 2014, he won the “National Machinery Industry Quality and Efficiency Advanced Enterprise”, in 2015 he obtained the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” certification, and in 2016 he won the “China” “Quality and integrity enterprise”, won the “China Machinery Industry Quality Brand Benchmark” in 2017, and won the “National Machinery Industry Quality Award Nomination Award” in 2018.