Social Responsibility

In the nearly 70 years of development of Hangyang, the company always believed that state-owned enterprises are the main body of building a harmonious socialist society, and at the same time it is also a propeller for building a harmonious society. On the basis of maintaining economic growth, state-owned enterprises must realize the foundation of good employees. At the same time, we must make more contributions to promoting the coordinated development of the local economy and society and maintaining stability. Hangyang has the obligation to faithfully fulfill its social responsibilities and take the lead in building a harmonious enterprise.

Giving Back to Society

For a long time, the company has taken the responsibility of practicing corporate social responsibility and actively played its role in culture, education, and social welfare undertakings, and truly rewarded in the social welfare undertakings such as spring breeze, counterpart assistance, flood relief, hope project, and army support. The society has shown the image of the company to the society with practical actions.

Participated in the “Lianxiangjie Village” activity in Hangzhou, assisted in Lushan Township, Chun’an County, Zhejiang Province; donated Hope Primary School in Lin’an City, and supported the construction of local vocational schools in Lin’an; participated in the “Spring Breeze Action” in Hangzhou, and made difficulties Regional donations and donations; support for the work of air separation industry associations and Hangzhou Machinery Industry Association; organize voluntary blood donation activities every year. The company was awarded the Hangzhou Spring Breeze Action Special Contribution Award, the warm advanced group, and the Hangzhou Excellent Volunteer Service Group.